New Adventures

In November I began to feel restless and wanted a new adventure. I had just spent the first half of the year living in England and flying off to new countries each weekend. Moving back home and working felt so boring so I began a search to head somewhere new. After a quick search in Google for hospitality jobs with housing I applied for a position in Colorado and after a few days I accepted and somehow found my on a flight there in December. A girl that had never skied in her life and was still use to Florida weather, moved to work at a Ski Resort! I do believe in regrets, just learning experiences. And Colorado is a huge learning experience. 1. I learned I need a big city, I can’t live in small cities or so far from a larger one. 2. Florida weakened me and I miss when Winter was 60 degrees. Single digit/ negatives weather is not fun at all! 3. Public transportation is great but I love having a car, and quick, easy transportation. (Plus European transportation kicks the US ass.) 4. Disney has the most amazing training for employees and hospitality. 5. It’s the company I want to work for again. As part of my job here we are able to go through product knowledge so we were able to go snowmobiling for free, and try out some restaurants which is very fun. I’ve been able to go on sleigh rides, to four diamond restaurants, zip-lining, ice skating and even ski/snowboard everyday. Colorado is a beautiful place and I will always be fond of this place I am living but it doesn’t seem like the best fit for me. Next adventure to start in May.





Late To The Party

I am a very punctual person, I truly believe if you are not 15 minutes early you are late. So the fact that I missed out on all of these sadden me but I suppose better late than never applies here.

  • The West Wing– I knew of this TV my family use to watch it when it was on air but it bored me to tears. So one night when I could not fall asleep I saw it on Netflix and began watching. 3 hours later I was still not asleep but hooked on a new show. One that is honestly my favorite show now. Recently a podcast about the show was released it fantastic. Check out The West Wing Weekly.
  • Parks and Recreation– I tried this show years ago and would give up after two or three episodes. But oh my, do I wish I didn’t. After recently making it through that bump I was hooked on it. Amy Poehler and her love of waffles is so me. Ron Swanson and his whiskey and bacon love, also me!
  • Ed Sheeran– Everyone heard his single “Thinking Out Loud” and it was good but I never looked too much into him as an artist or listened to anything else of his until recently. I can’t honestly say I have a favorite song because I am in love with them all. “Galway Girl” has been on repeat most recently, the fiddle is pretty fantastic and reminds me of the pubs I visited in Scotland and Ireland. Check him out if you have not already been obsessed. Plus he recently released his North America tour dates!
  • Spotify– I do not think I could live without Spotify ever again. If you want the free version it is so worth it. But as a student you can get it for $5 a month and download music to take it offline. This is amazing when I am driving I have playlists and as soon as I am near wifi I am able add new song or download more. This also keeps my iTunes from taking up wayyy to much space on my phone but seriously $30 bucks a years for this amazingness!
  • Primark– Primark is Europe’s Forever21 just less trashy and more adorable. Living in England this was a go-to for everything from sheets, decor, shoes, hats, gloves and the perfect romper. I walked aware from there with many cute items. A few stores have opened in the states and if you are near one I highly recommend checking them out.
  • Bloging- I have been out of the game recently but I will be updating a ton of travel updates from living in England. Plus coming soon with my many DIY for new apartments.

Wordy Wednesday…

This Wordy Wednesday is brought to you by “Being yourself”

Everyone is their own person don’t allow someone to change your mind or diminish your thoughts or feelings. If someone loves the gym more power to you, or if you are like me and you love tacos more than people the gym. Do want you want when you want and do not allow others to take away that choice.


Feb 14th…

I hate Valentine’s Day! It’s a ridiculous holiday that society forces people to spend a ton of money to show how much they appreciate people. Does this mean you love the person less on the 13th or 15th? Why not show it everyday and not the day that prices are 6 times more expensive. Enjoy the day with love ones but wait until February 15th for the real holiday… half price chocolate. Seriously I don’t understand why the day after Halloween and Valentine’s day is not a holiday! 4e4862deb4716a93bb25d0a199251264

Wordy Wednesday…

So I have officially started my last full semester of college (I have one summer class)! This is both exciting and frightening at the same time. I guess I am going to have enter the real world soon. No more 1:30 afternoon naps, or dragging myself to my morning classes, I will have to function for a whole day! What is this nonsense? I elect to have naps at work, everyone would be less cranky. As scary and exhilarating this is I kinda have no idea what I want to do. I know what I don’t want but I don’t have a clear cut path too my dream career. Really I want to drink milkshakes, build forts and watch Netflix all day.. is that a job, if so can someone tell me how to apply? I guess this is something every senior begins to think about but I am just floating in this middle of not knowing and also being extremely excited that I don’t know anything at all. What ever you do just make sure you work for it.


Wordy Wednesday…

Well yesterday was the day… I set off on an eight hour flight out of the States to England! My study abroad start date is coming closer, classes officially start on the 8th so I have some to figure out a new campus and new school AGAIN. I seem to be getting pretty good at this. Travel is something that inspires me and is such an amazing experience. Being taught in class rooms is great and listening to lectures is fine but standing on top of Mount Vesuvius and walking around the city of Pompeii was breathtaking and awe-inspiring. Go, do and explore!



New Semester Prep

I love the start of a new semester, new highlighter and notebooks and filling out my planner with assignments. Call me a nerd but it is one of my favorite things to do.

  • Have your schedule posted everywhere! One in your room, on your phone and even copies in each notebook. Nothing is worse then forgetting a class or accidentally skipping it. I love to look at my schedule in a block format. It helps to let me know when I have breaks and if I can make appointment or meet up with friends between class each week. I also put online classes on there too just to make sure I log on and do the assignments. Out of sight, out of mind is completely true about school work

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 1.35.38 PM

  • Color Code! I know I seem crazy but it is so helpful. All I had to do was look at my schedule and see pink and purple and know to grab those notebooks. Super easy. It also makes looking at your planner much easier, know what class has assignments due each day.
  • Use Your Planner! As soon as you have access to your syllabus those dates need to be written in your planner. I even fib a bit with assignment due dates and say it is due a day or two before hand because I know I procrastinate all the time.
  • Clear Out Space On Your Computer. Make a folder for each year, semester and class on your computer. It makes it so easy if you need to refresh on past notes or an old paper. But it also saves time so you can easily find what you need when you want to work on assignments.
  • Pens, Pens, Pens. Have a ton and make sure your comfortable writing with them. I recently became obsessed with Sharpie pens. I cannot get enough of them.
  • Make A Friend. This sometimes is the hardest part. Have a friend in each class incase you have a question about the course and also if you need a study buddy.
  • Enjoy! College goes by much too fast. I still remember moving into my dorm freshmeat year. Wide eyed and bushy tailed about living in NYC. Since then I transferred colleges, took a semester off, worked at Walt Disney World, moved to Orlando and now going across the pond.

Enjoy every moment you possibly can…because once graduation comes it is no longer acceptable to be wear PJ still at 1pm and to be ready to take a nap.